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Prayer is our priority. Whilst we encourage everyone to have their own daily time with God we also believe in the power of joining together in prayer where we are strengthened and unified knowing our prayers are making difference both in our church, community and in the world.

If you call Dreambuilders home we invite you to join us in prayer at one point midweek and here’s how you can be a part of the prayer life of Dreambuilders Church. 


We invite you to join with us in prayer at one point in your week:

Monday Evening Online 

Join us at 7:15pm online every Monday evening for 45 minutes of prayer
Meeting ID: 896 5586 0279

Thursday Mornings (Term-Time Only)

Join us at 7:15am at our Church auditorium for 45 minutes of prayer before work
Church Auditorium Maps

Sunday Mornings

Join us at 9:30am at our Church auditorium for 15 minutes of prayer before the Sunday Morning Service

Prayer Partners

Ask someone to become your prayer partner and commit weekly to pray together in-person, over the phone, or video call. We will resource all prayer partners with updated weekly prayer focuses to help guide their prayer time.

Click Here to sign up to be a prayer partner